What you should do while selling your Scooter?

What you should do while selling your Scooter?

Two-wheelers are always considered as a man’s best friend. But there always came a point in everyone’s life that they have to let go of their favorite scooters. Selling your scooter can be a stressful job; however, if properly worked and plan upon, it can help you reap benefits also. You might need to do more work rather than cleaning your bike to shine or putting the word out for people looking to buy a scooter. The steps mentioned below can help you in a smooth selling experience.


Before selling your scooter, do a complete market research to determine its real value and the current value. It might be a case that even though you love your scooter, the model you won might not be popular in the market. This would lead to a drop in its current value. Similar issues can be cropped up when looking closely at the scooter can show you small dents, minor mechanical issues or scratches. To make your scooter look more flamboyant, also give your scooter a facelift by giving it a paint job. Consult online classified ads, newspapers and online websites to get an estimate of your scooter’s current value.

Prepping your scooter

It is always good to make your scooter look better while selling it to someone. Give your vehicle with a nice clean-up. Remove the amount of dirt and rust from your scooter which you would normally leave it there. Scrub the battery terminals, clean the portion underneath your seats and apply touch up paint to worn off areas. Make sure the wires are not damaged and the battery and lights are working in good condition. Honda Livo 110 is among the best scooters available in the market today. The scooter is built with good quality material that can last a long time. Hence, the re-sale price of your scooter will be higher than most other scooters.


Today, an online classified ad on websites is the best way to increase the reach of the ad of your bike. You can include the images of your scooter and other information like the model number, mileage, condition of the scooter and your expected price in addition to your contact details. Avoid posting your complete address in a bid to avoid thieves from breaking into your house.

Uploading good quality images on these websites are important as they can quickly grab the attention of the people. Avoid shadows in the background and use consistent lighting while clicking photos of your scooter. Take photos from all angles for people to get a better look at your old scooter and also include few accessories which you might give with the scooter.

Working with Buyers

It is always good to be transparent with your potential buyers. If you have done a recent service and inspection to your scooter, show them with the receipt to make them believe that the scooter is ready. Also show them with all the other scooter related documentation, proof of ownership, remaining warranty, and other finance details.

The Last Words

It would be better for you to allow your potential customers with a test ride for your scooter. It allows them to keep a lookout for the potential problems on your scooter and be satisfied with them before they are buying. If you have a Honda Livo 110, you won’t have to spend a lot to fix few problems because every part of the scooter is made out of the best high-quality materials. However, expect few negotiations to take place between you and the potential buyers before finalizing upon the final price.

It would be better if you confirm the swap of the scooter by making it official with a bill of sale. It might be important for later. If done with proper planning and keeping attention to every small detail, selling your scooter to other potential customers won’t be problematic at all.

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