Top reasons to tour Edinburgh with taxi

Top reasons to tour Edinburgh with taxi


A taxi driver knows all the best places to go, but to see all the key spots in the city it’s best to start early. If a visit is planned for August, it should coincide with the Edinburgh International Festival. It is now more than sixty years ago when the founders of the International Festival were trying to work out how to introduce art, colour, culture and economic prosperity to a rather dismal, grey Edinburgh, suffering from post-war lethargy. It was only by chance that a festival packed with dance, classical music, theatre, opera, and the visual arts became the final choice. As a result of this forward looking idea, there are now, in the month of August, 7 festivals which include Fringe, Comedy, and Book Festivals. At this time of the year, Edinburgh is the best place to be as the city never sleeps for the month-long extravaganza. It is necessary to plan in advance for a visit to this great city. It has become an event known throughout the world so it’s necessary to book the best hotels and the most popular restaurants well in advance. Booking for any of the events in the festival programme begins in mid April so that means anyone planning a visit needs to know what they want to see.

If a visit is planned for August there are other interesting sites apart from the festival events that include the Beaux Arts concert hall, which musicians absolutely love because of the delightful acoustics that are encased in the building. Scotland is known for its whisky and Andrew Usher, a whisky magnate, paid for the construction of the hall. It has been the venue for many famous musicians including The Rolling Stones, Anton Du Beke and Ella Fitzgerald to Anton du Beke. It hosts local school choirs too. In 2010 its popularity led to the building of an attractive glass and steel extension. Buying a seat is not that expensive and all have great views of the stage.

It is possible to book a taxi edinburgh to go to the start of a walking tour. There are several themed walking tours available. There are 2 tours lasting just over three hours each. One is the New and Old town tour which takes place in late afternoon and the Canongate morning Brunch tour where it is possible to enjoy taster dishes and drink wine, whisky and beer. Not all the food dishes are Scottish but they are representative of modern Edinburgh and its residents.

The last of the best attractions is The Palace of Holyrood house which shouldn’t be missed while in Edinburgh and all the taxi drivers know it well. It’s Scotland’s main reference to the Queen and is adorned with glamorous paintings and tapestries. It also contains the chambers of Mary Queen of Scots where the gruesome murder of Rizzio, her courtier, took place. He was stabbed with a knife 56 times before being thrown off a balcony.

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