Top 7 Things You Want to Know About Melon Juices

Top 7 Things You Want to Know About Melon Juices

It seems that different kinds of melons are created for juicing. You can have your juice easily done, whether you have a juice extractor or not. With the help of science, the humanity has even solved one of the main melon juicing problems by creating a seedless watermelon, which doesn’t only provide you with vitamins but also brings benefit to your muscles. However, juices made of melons, watermelons, papayas, and cantaloupes can be very tricky, and one needs more information about them not to do any harm to your body.

#1 Why Peel – Make It Safe

Melon peels are the most chemicalized part of this fruit. Sometimes cleaning (or even scratching) a melon is not enough to get rid of all the pesticides. So, any kind of melon bought in the marked should be peeled before juicing.

#2 Why Not to Peel – Are Juicing Peels Acceptable?

On the other hand, the peels are stuffed with healthy components. And the majority of best juicer reviews say that this kind, primarily used for juicing melons, can squeeze the peels. Yes, you can juice melons without peeling them, but only if you are sure that your fruits are totally organic.

#3 When to Drink – The Right Time

Unsystematic consumption of melons can harm your digestion. So, never drink melon juice on an empty stomach. The best time for drinking it is between meals and separate snacks. Another reason for it is an opinion that melon shouldn’t be combined with ANY food at all.


#4 When Not to Drink – Precautions

Be careful with melon juices if you have digestion problems, especially chronic ones. You shouldn’t drink it if you are breastfeeding a baby. You don’t want long sleepless nights, do you? Be also very attentive if you have teeth problems, such as enamel erosion. You are better to rinse your mouth after drinking melon juices.

#5 Why Drink with Pulp – For Those Who Prefer It Clear

Don’t clear melon juices, unless you want to get rid of all the nutrients! The majority of vitamins are in the pulp. Besides, melon pulp contains components that reduce depression and calm your nervous system.

#6 How to Juice – The Variety of Options

Masticating juicers are probably one of the best solutions. However, don’t worry if you are not a lucky owner of a masticating juicer. There are plenty of other ways to juice a melon. Unlike greens, for example, it can even be run through a centrifugal juicer, although a cold press one is much more convenient. You can also do it manually, but the benefits of mechanical juicing are too obvious.


#7 How to Mix – The Best and The Worst Mixes Reviews

Actually, melon juices are quite good as they are. But if you want to mix them with other juices, there is no better combination than those with apples or tomatoes. The worst idea is to mix melon juices with dairy products. Also, mind that you shouldn’t combine fruits that grow on trees with those that grow right from the ground. Apples are rather an exception.

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