Top 3 Trends in Used Car Market

Top 3 Trends in Used Car Market

The used cars market of India has been witnessing a consistent growth since last 5 years. The number of people who purchase used Renault Duster in Bangalore has swelled considerably. However, there are certain behaviour patterns that have emerged over the last 2 years which have surprised many.

Preference of Online Versus Offline

A lot of people have started preferring online portals to search for used Renault cars. Rather than going to a dealer or a company showroom for pre-owned cars, they prefer to use online websites that give them a more comprehensive understanding of the car’s history, its condition, and the asking price. They find the convenience and choice offered by online websites too hard to pass on.

Increase in Demand for Certified Cars

As the market has matured, even the buyers have become more demanding and smart. They do not just blindly trust the seller or their mechanic when it comes to car’s condition. They look for certified cars because they know that in cases of legal disputes, the law would side with them. They know that they can hold the seller and the website legally liable for the damages that were not disclosed in certified cars. This gives them confidence and also protects their interest.

Younger Cars Being Sold

On the seller’s side we are seeing more younger cars coming into the market of used cars now. There used to be a time when a person used to sell his car only if it had some major problems. However, now people sell their car just because they have used it for 5 years and now it’s time to get a new car. Due to this, we see a lot of cars being offered in second hand sale after 5 years of manufacturing.


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