The Top 6 Lounges in Mumbai for Those Who Love Partying

The Top 6 Lounges in Mumbai for Those Who Love Partying

The best part of the city of Mumbai apart from its glamour and fast pace is its night life. The city has several places that are perfect destinations if you want to go out with your friends on any day of the week or weekend and party. With heart thumping music, great dance floors, delicious food and mind-blowing ambience, the lounges of Mumbai are surely going to sweep you off your feet.

Here are the top 6 lounges in Mumbai for all those people who love to party with their buddies:

  1. NerveNerve Lounge Bandra is one of those places, which is sought after by the young crowd. It is known to serve very tasty dishes from Continental, Indian and Chinese cuisines along with a vast variety of alcoholic beverages. Since the place is so sought after, it also acts as a great venue to host parties and other celebrations. One of the most attractive features of this place is the ambience. The blue and red colours make the entire place look very energetic and lively. The music playing in the lounge accentuates the aura and makes it more enjoyable. The lights that hang from the ceiling are in the shape of a barrel and are admired by the guests.
  2. Coral Lounge– Another great lounge that is going to help you relax after a weary day is Coral Lounge located in Vashi. The place creates a lot of buzzes owing to the fine wines and exotic cocktails. The entire lounge oozes positive vibes and that is what makes the ambience so amicable. A lot of parties are hosted here from time to time. With a very appealing ambience, the lounge is compact and a great place for colleagues and buddies to chill out. The dim lighting makes the place look like a bistro. Another attractive feature of this lounge is a wall that contains several messages along with framed pictures of several musicians and singers.
  3. D9 Lounge– D9 Lounge is one of those places that will give you the perfect nightlife experience in an elegant and peaceful manner. The place offers live music, great drinks and delicious food in a very relaxing ambience. The flooring along with the dancing blue light makes a great impact on the guests as soon as he or she enters the lounge. The lights used in the lounge have very soothing and warm tones and make the entire place look even better. The lounge offers seating arrangement both inside as well as outside. As far as the menu is concerned, it offers multiple cuisines like sea food, North Indian, Continental and Chinese.
  4. Ego Lounge– It is one of those places that is budget-friendly and serves food that is mouth-watering. It is a great place all those people who wish to have a great drink and smoke hookah. The ambience of the place is very pleasing and aesthetic. The lounge even has an indoor tree. The overall persona of the lounge is quite attractive and sophisticated. From time to time, many live performances and live screening of sports keep happening. Because of the quality services that this place offers, it can be rightly called the hub of nightlife in Mumbai.
  5. Play Lounge– This lounge is very popular amongst the vegetarian people as it offers a variety of dishes and serves authentic Jain food. It is a great place for all those hookah lovers who love drinking also. It also has a very nice dance floor, which attracts a lot of crowds.
  6. Anarchy Night Club– Located in the Andheri West, this is another popular place that attracts the party lovers with its striking ambience, delectable food and the huge variety of drinks and other beverages. The music that plays here is so good that it makes you get into the party mood right away and ensures that you have a memorable night.

So, now you know all the great places in Mumbai where you can party. Make sure that you have a great time.


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