The significance of Indian wedding cards

The significance of Indian wedding cards

There are number of events, functions and occasions that make us happy and marriage is one out of it which should be made in such a way that it becomes unforgettable moment in one’s life.

Wedding day is the most special event in the life of every individual. People do their best to make it memorable and special. Designer indian wedding invitations are one of the means of making the special day even more special and unique.

It is way more than just exchanging rings and every individual have their own way of making their wedding day special. In India, wedding is considered to be one of the most important day and couples are trying to make the special day by giving it a unique touch. Thus to share the happiness among others, one has to invite people and designer indian wedding cards plays a great role in this.

Tone of the card:

First step for the occasion starts with the printing of cards. Most of the Indian wedding cards have pictures of Indian Gods and Goddesses with shlokas written on them. Very polite tone is used while writing the cards wordings in order to request the guests to come and bless the newly married couple.

Important details:

Wedding card provide all informations to the guests regarding the wedding schedule and some guests come to know about the big day only after receiving the wedding card. Wedding card contain various information like venue, timing of wedding rituals and these days couples add some personal touch to it by writing about them or writing a personal invite.

Religious touch:

Wordings of the invitation card and the design says everything about the beliefs and background of the couple. In traditional invitations, individuals put their God or Goddesses name according to the religion and worshipped deity. For example, the front page of Hindu wedding card normally has the symbol of lord Ganesh while the other pages contain the details related to date and the venue of the marriage.

Wedding cards also works as a valid document to legalise your marriage, which is an important part and cannot be neglected at all.

Reflects relationship:

Wedding cards are not just an invitation to the guests but they establish a strong relationship between your family and guests. They are the symbol of brotherhood too. Always make sure that wedding cards contain all the information that you want to convey to the guests, which includes date and timing of all the important events.


One can choose a wedding card according to the theme of wedding. There are variety of designs available in the market which includes traditional designs and contemporary designs with attractive colours and artistic works.

If you are planning to make your wedding unique, check for the latest Indian wedding card designs.

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