The benefits of porous pavers

The benefits of porous pavers

Do you have a project that needs paving done? Are you installing a driveway or extending one, or are you looking to build a motor pool to house equipment for your commercial business?  If you are, let take some of your time and tell you the benefits of porous pavers. If you have never heard of this type of method or you think concrete or asphalt is the only way to go. I implore you to see the difference and choose after reading this. Like many others, I was kind of skeptical at hearing about new alternatives. I previously work in construction in my youth and have been helping people with DIY project throughout the years. And one day I was asked to help with the construction of extending the parking lot at my church. The only issue was that the church was on a slight dip and their budget was a little tight. But, after an accident caused by not having proper parking happened, it was a problem.

Talking with an old co-worker he had told me of porous pavements and how they useful for small business and private properties. And after doing a bit of research, my church decided to take go this route. The thing that concern me the most was that it wasn’t like traditional pavement. It wasn’t just a mixture poured out on the ground and wait to harden. It uses a large plastic sheet, which the ones we got were 24×24 and about an inch thick. We were able fill it with grass to avoid making the surrounding area tacky looking. The time of installation was quite fast, starting on a Tuesday, they were able to have it finished by Sunday service the same week. Most people didn’t even know that it was there.

After that we didn’t have issues with people’s cars sliding down the small hill anymore. Well, after we had properly indicated where the parking lot had been extended. The congregation has been extremely pleased with this solution and how cheap it was in comparison to the methods I had been more familiar with. The system even managed to get rid of all the tire tracks and mud that were scattered around the property. After talking to the manufacture, when I was looking for quotes, they told us we wouldn’t even need to do any maintenance or shouldn’t have to replace it for many decades.

After this experience, I have recommended this method at least two times. One for a local exterminator business looking to house work vans and family member who wanted to install a little trail for spouse in a wheel chair. Overall as someone who has worked in construction, this is a very cost effective way to get surfaces paved at an affordable rate. I wouldn’t say that this works with every case or job. But, you would be surprised at what you can do with it at the end of the day.

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