Take a “green” and safe ride with the Progo 3000 propane scooter

Take a “green” and safe ride with the Progo 3000 propane scooter

Progo 3000 – the scooter model that will rock your world

Electrical scooter vs. gasoline scooter? Are you again thinking about how to combine the best of both worlds? Well, there are people who have already done this – and now you can forget about the unnecessary sacrifices. With the Progo 3000 you do not need to obediently accept the speed and range limitations. At the same time, this vehicle deals with the problem of pollution of the environment in the best possible way. Feel how the scooter’s wheels are accelerated by the power of propane – and feel content about how you make your contribution to the better future!

From the point of view of EPA and CARB’s regulations, propane-powered personal carriers are in the “green” zone, whereas the notorious gas scooters have long found their place in the “red” zone. And what of electricity-powered scooters? Believe it or not, most riders do not hesitate when it comes to the choice between the Progo 3000 and the conventional electric scooter model. With the Progo 3000 you receive a clean and neat machine that does not feature limited range nor slows you down with the need of recharging. First of all, the Progo 3000 means freedom and eco-friendliness!

The benefits of propane-powered engines

You cannot but marvel at the features and technical specs of this lightning fast vehicle. The Progo 3000 features simple and easy pull start; the scooter itself feels super-lightweight (dry weight around 35 lbs.) and can be nicely carried upstairs or inside your flat when folded.

Indeed, this scooter is comfortably compact: 42 inches of height at the handlebar and the maximum width of 9.5 inches at the footboard (17 inches – foldable handlebar). Its length amounts to 44 inches from tire to tire. This is the vehicle size you want to use for in-town operation – any Progo propane scooter review will tell you as much!

However, its benefits are even more noticeable when we take into account the characteristics of propane. With this “green” fuel you can once and for ever stop worrying about winterizing. From now on, your scooter puffs not smoke but water steam and carbon dioxide – that is, the mixture no more harmless than you exhale yourself. No more clouds of choking exhaust. And the ever gumming-up carburetor is thrown into the garbage pile, as well.

Being constructed on the basis of a durable steel frame, the Progo 3000 is capable of carrying up to 220 lbs. The 8-inch tire wheels seem firm and safe enough for hauling down such weight. The scooter picks up speed as you press the thumb throttle and can be safely put to stop by the front and/or rear disk brakes.

As for the maximal speed of this elegant beast of burden, the 25 cc 4-stroke engine has no trouble with running for 2 to 3 hours at 18 to 20 mph. The rider can go as far as 40 miles and after that he or she must replace the fuel cylinder – and that is all that is needed to continue traveling!

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