Some Window Replacement Tips For The Spring Season

Some Window Replacement Tips For The Spring Season

With the snow melting and the mercury levels soaring in the barometer, you must have started pulling out your cool printed T-shirts and sandals feeling happy that warmer weather is round the corner. Toronto weather is all set to experience dramatic changes in climatic conditions. From warm and pleasant sunlight to sudden cold snaps and then humidity, the weather can affect your windows in a number of ways. This is the time that most homeowners look forward to for window maintenance and even window replacement.

Windows form the most integral part of our homes and they are essentially one of the major investments that homeowners make while constructing or renovating their homes. Having said this, you can well understand the importance of maintaining your windows well and even consider getting window replacement jobs done if the need demands. Whatever be your window maintenance plans for the upcoming spring season, the following few important tips can help you prepare your windows to stand the dramatic weather changes thus allowing you to enjoy the spring to the fullest.

Clean Windows: With birds happily chirping at dawn and the fragrance of blooming flowers all around, the translucent morning dew on the tip of the tender green grass and with everything growing lovely and pretty around your house, spring is just the perfect time to give your house a fresh and squeaky clean look, and the best way to get started is to plan a thorough cleaning session. Cleaning your vinyl windows is an important part of your house cleaning program. Take a mild glass cleaner to remove tough stains, dirt and dust, from the surface of the glass panes followed by thoroughly rinsing your windows with clean water and sponge them dry with a soft piece of cloth.

Removing dust particles and debris: If your windows come with a channel system, then make sure to clean out the debris from the tracks. Accumulated sand, dirt and pebbles in the channels may hinder the normal functioning of your windows. So clean them out using a vacuum cleaner or some kind of dusters and ensure that tracks are clean and the windows are back to normal functioning.

Hardware Maintenance: Windows are not much used during the winters. Keeping them closed all through the season affect the window hinges, screws and other moving parts, which in turn might prevent your windows from opening up and closing down smoothly. Lubricate your windows and the other moving parts using silicone lubricants and keep them in good condition. But in case the window hinges and other moving parts are severely damaged or blocked, then it’s better to call a pro and get your window replacement done.

Checking window exteriors: Check your window frames on the exterior to see if there are any cracks or chips that water damage your windows or affect the exterior walls of your house. Also take a note of the window stripping and caulking. Get your windows frames repaired or the worn out and dysfunctional stripping and caulking replaced, as necessary and appropriate.

House Renovation: Finally, if you have planned to renovate your house during the spring season, then it’s the best opportunity for window replacement. Get in touch with an expert professional to take things forward in the right direction.

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