Social Marketing Strategies for shopify to Grow Your Sales

Social Marketing Strategies for shopify to Grow Your Sales

The biggest challenge that a Shopify store faces is increasing traffic on the website. Having knowledge about the starting point, the correct roadmap and how to standout from thousand other same niche stores hosted on shopify.

The increase in competition has made it tougher for online stores to attract critical mass of visitors.

Social media in this scenario can be a great help for online businesses to cope up this problem of decreasing sales.

In this post we will discuss some strategies involving social media which can increase traffic to your Shopify site as well as increase sales.

Stay continue with your posting schedule: Follow a regime for posting on your official social media platform. One of the easiest ways to grow followers on social media is by posting continuously.

Studies say that audience react to different posting frequencies.
Analyze your audience demographics, impressions and engagement rate to find effective timings for posting on social media.

Using Social Autopilot for Shopify can help automatic posting your blog post to facebook page. Additionally you can use hootsuite for scheduling your posts on different social media platforms.

Enabling sharing on your shopify website: The more impressions you have on social networks, the more you will gain traffic on your website. The best way to increase social impressions is by using Shopify Social Sharing on your website.

On a Shopify website, social sharing buttons can be embedded on products, product images and blog posts. It encourages visitors to share a content as a bookmark and suggestion for others.

Use social reviews: Using product reviews is a great way of creating trust and provide insights. Adding social media to this functionality increases the effectiveness of the functionality. By using it, shopify owners can easily collect and display customer testimonials and reviews from Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, Yelp and Google+.


Using Schema for Shopify products: Schema helps in increasing rankings on search engines. Schema are tags which appear in search result as additional info for the product. Schema enabled listing appears different from other listings, so the chances are more for receiving hits.

Use Instagram Stream:  Leveraging Instagram account to attract traffic back and forth is an efficient way to generate quality traffic to the website.

Showing latest posts from Instagram on your shopify website will attract new visitors to your website as well as increase followers on your instagram profile.

These are some of the social marketing strategies which you can implement on your shopify website to grow your sales.

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