Mikimoto Pearls – Only Time Will Tell the Cultured from the Natural

Mikimoto Pearls – Only Time Will Tell the Cultured from the Natural

Akoya pearl jewelry are made by Mikimoto Pearls and are the first fresh water pearl jewelry designed to be grown in large farms. You will always notice the woman wearing them. Her allure builds as she goes through her day. You will find her wearing mikimoto pearls.

Examples of these various situationsshow the Mikimoto woman as:

  • Diverse
  • Dynamic
  • Private

These real moments while wearing Japanese Akoya pearls makes her inseparable from the woman that she is – suited perfectly for the lifestyle of:

  • Splendor
  • Extravagance
  • Elegance

Mikimoto pearls

These mikimoto pearls she wears will seem inseparable from the woman herself. Akoya and South Sea cultured pearls are in many cases featured or complimented by one-of-a-kind diamond or sapphire jewelry.

These pearls are considered to be the purest of natural gems; due to the painstaking care these pearls get from the beginning of the process to the final jewelry piece. These pearls are specially cared for in:

  • Harvesting
  • Matching
  • Sorting;
  • Technical artistry and skill


There are many stores on the Internet having an assortment of the saltwater Akoya and South Sea pearls. Don’t purchase something from the first collection you see; instead take your time and visit some of the many collections on the market.


Be educated before you go shopping so you know how pearls are made. With cultured or natural each pearl has developed after layers of nacre from some irritant inside the mollusk shell.

Culture vs. Natural

The cultured pearls develop when a natural piece of tissue is inserted into the mollusk to start the process. With natural pearls; the irritant is normally another organism from the water. Both types have the quality of the nacre dictates the quality of the luster which is the value of its beauty.

Pearls that are natural are very rare – many have been found in the Persian Gulf but most have already been harvested. Small, natural pearls are able to be found but they are always very costly.

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