How to Use Anadrol Safely for Strength Gain?

How to Use Anadrol Safely for Strength Gain?

Anadrol is one of the popular bodybuilding supplements. It is primarily used during bulking cycles to gain strength. In addition, Anadrol is an anabolic supplement, which is prescribed for various medical conditions including anemia. This guide will give you more details about effectiveness of Anadrol.

What is Anadrol?

Anadrol is a great muscle building supplement which is used to gain strength. It is mentioned by Anadrol users that effectiveness of Anadrol can be increased by stacking it with other steroids such as Nandrolone and Trenbolone. In addition, some bodybuilders suggest stacking Anadrol with testosterone to improve its effectiveness. However, it is important that before taking a steroid, whether it is Anadrol or any other, you check complete details about its ingredients.

Anadrol is an advanced supplement which you should take only if you have past experience in using Anadrol. Overuse or misuse of Anadrol can lead to Gynecomastia in men. Hence, it is important that you discuss about suitability of Anadrol before taking it so that there are no chances of aftermaths.

How Does Anadrol Cycle Work?

Anadrol is a quite effective supplement, which helps in significant muscle gain. However, as mentioned above, Anadrol is an advanced drug, it is suggested that beginners should be careful with its use. Effects of Anadrol depend upon user’s diet during the cycle. As per the reviews of Anadrol users, it is mentioned that 6 weeks cycle of Anadrol leads to 20-30 pounds weight gain. However, in actual, the weight gain is lower and is somewhere around 15 pounds in 2 months.

Which Steroid Is Better: Anadrol or Dbol?

Usually, there are informal debates between the steroid users about which steroid from Dbol and Anadrol is better. Supporters of Anadrol mention that it is a great steroid for quick strength gain. However, Dbol users claim that it works better than Anadrol due to fewer side effects like bloating and water retention. Anadrol might be a better steroid than Dbol, however, it is suggested by steroid users that one should use both steroids on alternative basis for effective results.

Are There Any Aftermaths of Anadrol?

Whether it is Anadrol or any other supplement, misuse and overuse can lead to serious aftermaths. Improper dose of Anadrol can lead to high blood pressure, acne etc. in men. In addition, misuse of Anadrol can cause liver damage. Hence, make sure you check the dose of Anadrol with a physician.


Hope this guide will help you to understand effectiveness of Anadrol.


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