How to Optimise the Use of Your Pasta Maker?

How to Optimise the Use of Your Pasta Maker?

Are you among the health-conscious people who like homemade food, which is fresh, hygienic and free from any preservative? If yes, you must have a few kitchen appliances that can make things easier for you. A pasta maker is one such appliance that must be a part of your kitchen appliance range. It is a versatile appliance that can be used to spin out different snacks like noodles, momos, gujiya and pasta and that too in no time.

The pasta making machine takes care of everything right from mixing and kneading to extruding and needs no manual intervention. So, basically, you can just sit and relax while the machine is at work, churning out things as per the requirements you would have set.

Here are some of the great ways in which you can use this brilliant appliance.

  1.   Different Noodles and Pasta: Every time you want to have noodles or pasta, try a different version ranging from thin and round noodles to thin and flat ones. The models of pasta makers available in the market usually come with different dies that help you in rolling out different forms of pasta like Macaroni, Linguine, and Tagliatelle. So, roll out your own fresh noodles and pasta and make delicious Chinese and Italian homemade dishes using these. With it, get ready to bask in all the praise that your friends and family will shower on you.
  1.  Momos: Besides enjoying the various pasta or noodles, these pasta makers also have dies that enable you to make momos in no time. Both children and adults love to have hot momos these days, but getting them from the market is not always very hygienic.
  1. Gujiya: Gujiya is an Indian sweet that people usually prepare on occasions like Diwali, Holi etc. It is delicious to eat, but making gujiya is a cumbersome process and hence people refrain from preparing it often. The pasta makers come with a gujiya die that helps you make it in no time.
  1. 4. Make Fast Food Healthier: Fast food is notorious for being unhealthy. While kids love to have it all the time, parents are not comfortable giving it. But, with a pasta maker at home, you can make healthier versions of both noodles and pasta. You can replace the all-purpose flour with wheat flour and make use of sea salt instead of normal salt. You have the option of adding a healthier shortening agent like olive oil instead of cooking oil. Try adding the puree of spinach, beetroot and carrots to knead the dough, which not only gives you coloured noodles and pasta but also the nutritional value increases.
  1.  Customise: Rolling out your own noodles and pasta instead of buying packaged products from the market gives you the freedom of customising it according to your preference. Also, it is free from any sort of preservative, which is good for health.

If you let your creative juices to flow freely, then the sky is the limit. The pasta maker doesn’t need to go back in the confines of the cupboard after rolling out pasta once in a while. In fact, it has the potential to command a permanent place on the kitchen countertop. Move beyond making simple pasta and use it for a variety of purposes. More than saving some quick bucks, it will give you immense satisfaction to make delicacies that are healthy, hygienic and free from hidden preservatives.

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