How to Keep Your House Cool During Hot Summer Days

How to Keep Your House Cool During Hot Summer Days

Anyone who has lived in the Melbourne area is well aware of how exhausting summer days can be. Keeping your house cool during the summer is absolutely mandatory if you want to survive. Air conditioning is an option, but these are very wasteful. There are ways to beat the heat without having to turn your AC to the max.

Excellent Shutters to Keep the Light Out

Shutters work best at keeping the light out and keeping your house cool during summer. Make sure you pick the ones made from wood, as these are the best insulators. Keep them closed during the day to prevent any heat from entering your house by way of the sun.

Drop arm awnings in Melbourne provide a great amount of shade around southern facing homes. Imagine them as an extra shield, giving you better protection from the harsh sun. Awnings are also ideal for keeping your windows or front porch dry during the rainy season. It’s a simple, yet effective method of keeping your home structurally sound by mitigating environmental implications.

Creating a Draft by Keeping Inside Doors Open

A basic but excellent trick for increasing airflow is to simply open up all the doors in your home to create a cross breeze. Doing so will let the air flow and create a draft that cools the walls, flooring, and furniture. During the night, you should capitalise on the cold weather by opening your front door, but only if you have a lockable screen door in front.

Planting Trees Around Your Yard

A well-placed tree can make all the difference around your home by shading your windows from the hot sun. While insulation can only do so much, trees provide a lot of shade and reduce heat gain. Planting trees around your windows can also save you on your utility bills, by allowing your air conditioners to ease up on how hard they have to work.


Painting Your Roof a Light Colour

While it is an extreme method, if the temperature becomes unbearable, consider repainting your roof in a lighter colour. Sure, it may take some time and money, but the investment will be worth it in the long run by indefinitely reflecting the harsh sun. For homes that feature no tree protection and face south, this may be the last resort for a homeowner looking for protection from the elements.

Change Your Sheets Regularly

When having trouble sleeping, an extra step you could take would be to change your sheets more often. Cotton is the best material to use for your sheets. It is light and airy. Remember to change your sheets regularly, especially in the summer. Fresh sheets help you sleep better!

Keep Yourself Cool

It’s easier to keep yourself warm versus keeping your entire home warm. If you’re spending a lot of time at your personal computer, you’re automatically around a heat source. In an effort to stay cool, try to limit your PC or laptop time. Instead, stay in the shade, dress in light cotton clothing, and drink lots of liquids. If you are up for it, start taking cold showers. Cold showers will cool you off instantly and they will also improve your immune system and skin.

If all of these methods fail, install an air conditioning system in your house with a better BTU count for the number of heads in your home. Remember that blocking the sun from shining on your windows is the best strategy, as well as keeping hydrated. If you follow these tips, you will manage to get through the hottest days with ease.

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