Get yourself a superb u bar digger and revitalise your garden’s soil

Get yourself a superb u bar digger and revitalise your garden’s soil

Overviewing variations of the broadfork

Choosing an excellent broadfork is not difficult – most of them would be just what you need for the average gardening routine. Some broadforks have steel handles and some function perfectly with wooden handles. There is a great variety of broadforks’ tines too – you can see those tools armed with tines of various size and strength. What you really should be interested in, though, is the lifespan of a u-bar digger you are preparing to buy. Are you sure the tool you have chosen possesses the ideal construction quality for the tasks you want to put it to?

There are no doubts possible; this tool is charged with magic. It penetrates the soil effortlessly (with you just standing on it) up to almost thirty centimeters, that is to say, twice as deep as the ordinary spade under the same pressure. To break the clods and lumps it is enough to pull it back, without tormenting your spine. When the soil is too packed and dry the tilling will not be too pleasant, but otherwise, for attended and not-too-rocky soil, the u-bar digger is an indispensable helper.

It would be wise to look at the model with wider set teeth, knowing that your garden’s soil is quite clayey. Indeed, the model with 8 teeth requires 1,5 times more effort than the model with 5 teeth to loosen and aerate the same soil on the same depth. Some gardeners have more than one broadfork, each for the type of soil that is appropriate for the tool’s number and strength of teeth.

How to use your u bar digger with comfort and almost no effort

your garden’s soil

You hold the U-bar digger in almost a vertical position – so, obviously, it is a standup type of tool. Using the pressure of your foot you sink the broadfork’s tines into the soil. Then you pull the handles towards you as you stepping back a bit. The horizontal bar with tines is the pivot point of a great lever formed by the handles. This is what makes soil loosening almost effortless – and no stress at all for the spine and small of the back.

The process has a vigorous rhythm to it – pull the broadfork and move it further, dig again.

Another great thing about the broadfork is that it is compatible with the mulching method of tilling. Gardeners use both the u-bar digger and mulch to make their garden beds fluffy and amazingly fertile.

Maintenance of the u-bar digger is simple. Should your tool be supplied with wooden handles, they need to be oiled with linseed oil (baseball fans use it to care for the mitts). When dirt accumulates on the tines it should be cleaned off with an old knife. Wipe the tines clean with a dry rag and then oil them a bit to protect them from corrosion.

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