Genuine Silestone worktops will last a lifetime

Genuine Silestone worktops will last a lifetime

Prioritizing every corner of your space brings great benefits and elevates the value of your property. To not miss even an inch of calculation; taking appropriate measures, and choosing befitting materials are the keys to success, when picking Silestone worktops sold in the U.K.

What is Silestone?

Silestone in the U.K., is a leading product introduced by the Spanish brand, Cosentino. Based upon consumer needs and a higher demand for natural stones in the market, Cosentino gave rise to Eternal Collection in a wide range of colours. This collection rightfully interprets the beauty of marble and the grace of granite combined with other equally potent and refined features.

All Silestone worktops consist of 94 percent quartz, and resins that compose the remaining. An authorised Silestone supplier in London, MKW Surfaces, sells these in the form of tiles, in jumbo and standard slab sizes.

Of all the use that Silestone offers, worktops remain the favourite of homeowners, designers, and builders alike.

Where can you apply Silestone?

Applications of Silestone are endless, thanks to the innovative technology and ascending demand for quality. You can find them in numerous sizes, various thickness, and unique edges, all of which are offered by the Silestone supplier in the U.K.

Silestone is resilient and stronger than either marble or granite, which makes it ideal for food preparation areas. As a worktop, it does not absorb either water or acidic substance that spill on it. Also, it is highly resistant to heat and cold, allowing you to place hot or cold substances directly over it.

Silestone worktops in the U.K. are recommended for use at healthcare facilities, bars, hotel, laboratories, universities due to its super hygienic properties. It is a non-porous material, which does not accumulate fungus or dirt and resists staining such as lemon juice, coffee, wine, oil, etc.

More about the Silestone series for your designs

Silestone comes in more than 90 colours with rich veining. Besides, you can find the surface in plain, coarse, and fine grained to personalise your project. Of the most popular are the Eternal, Iconic, and Influencer Series, that bring classic colours like grey, black, white, and other stunning patterns.

Silestone warranty

Silestone’s low maintenance and high resistance make it worth the investment. This eternal material does not require a coating, ever!

In addition to the extremely durable characteristics, a Silestone supplier like MKW Surfaces in London, U.K., offers 10-30 of years warranty.

The stone manufacturing company, Cosentino has 5 distribution units in the U.K., thus assuring a consistent support and service to clients. Furthermore, the Silestone supplier in London, offer benefits of finishing such as Suede, Volcano, and Polished. These add an extra-smooth texture and showcase glamour to keep your stone intact for decades to come.

Silestone approved supplier in the United Kingdom is MKW Surface, located in London. This company also advises customers on the proper use, care, and maintenance procedures needed for the stone. They also assist with installation and design possibilities that come advised by professionals.

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