Gamma amino butyric acid – What to know

Gamma amino butyric acid – What to know

Gamma amino butyric acid is short termed as GABA, an amino acid and the supplements are considered safe to use to reduce stress and anxiety levels. They are naturally synthesized in brain from another amino acid named Glutamate which is also a neurotransmitter and produces the feelings of calm and combats stress and help enhancing sleep. The main work of amino acids is synthesizing proteins but GABA does not synthesize any proteins.

GABA is considered as one of the most important neurotransmitter in brain for regulating mood and synthesizes alpha brain. GABA is considered as main inhibitory neurotransmitter within the body. This prevents individuals from getting over excited caused from external stimulation. Gamma amino butyric acid is loaded with positive qualities and supplements of GABA cannot cross blood and brain barrier when consumed orally.

The supplements of GABA produced from Glutamate and vitamin B6 help balancing chemicals like adrenalin and noradrenalin that leads to the feelings of irritability, restlessness and sleep deprivations. This is because, low levels of GABA causes irregular sleeping patterns, anxiety, stress and depression. GABA increases state of enhanced focus and mental flow in the individuals.

GABA supplements are used to attain various benefits like-

  • To regulate muscle tone and support the production of other hormones in the body which are required to build muscle cells.
  • GABA is considered as easy way to increase strength and muscle gains during vigorous workouts.
  • GABA supplements are widely used by weight lifters to improve their athletic performance and helps in weight loss.
  • GABA plays a key role in regulation and growth of neural stem cells and embryonic cells.
  • Individuals use GABA supplements to prevent anxiety and help in mood enhancement.
  • During the time of over excitement, anxiety levels increases causing impulsions and this can be prevented by using GABA supplements.
  • GABA can calm the brain down by regulating neurons and help lead relaxed relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Studies around GABA supplements have proven evidence in reducing pain.
  • GABA supplements allow nerves and neurons to efficiently communicate with each other.
  • Because of this, individual is able to perform various cognitive functions like focus, concentration and gaining attention.
  • When GABA supplementation is used in the form of pills or powders orally, it gets absorbed in to blood through intestines and later circulates to the brain.
  • The amount of GABA found in brain is actually formed by conversion of other ingredients in to GABA.
  • An efficient GABA booster is L- Theanine, found in beverage named green tea and helps individual to focus and relax.
  • GABA supplements are also used as weight loss products.
  • The supplements of GABA help to attain lean muscle mass by making body more thermogenic.
  • It boosts metabolism and helps burning more calories.

Dosage of GABA supplements

  • The recommended dosage of GABA supplements ranges between 3 gm to 5 grams per day.
  • The dosage can be consumed at once or split in to twice or thrice during day.
  • When GABA supplements are used for weight loss should be consumed 2 hours before going to bed.
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