Five Reasons Why Google Spreadsheets is better than MS Excel

Five Reasons Why Google Spreadsheets is better than MS Excel

Gone are the days, when you had to invest huge amount in Microsoft Office to get access to a solid spreadsheet. In the past few years, the usage of Google Spreadsheets has been rapidly increased. More and more users are shifting from MS Excel to Google Spreadsheets. But yet, there are many others who still stuck with MS Excel. In this article we will go over some essential Google Spreadsheet features that make it a better option over MS Excel. But before that, if you are a beginner at using Google Sheets, you must first know what is Google Spreadsheets and how it works.

Five Reasons Why Google Spreadsheets is better than MS Excel :

  1. Low Pricing:

Now I understand pricing cannot be the sole criteria for selecting a software over another, but we have to accept that pricing makes a huge difference. Now using Google Spreadsheets is absolutely free. Moreover, if you want to use it for business, it comes as cheap as $5 per user a month. Now I know it is the same price, you need to pay for using MS Excel for business online. But what if you want to use it offline? Well, the desktop version of MS Excel costs $8.25 per user a month. Thus using Google Spreadsheets is less expensive making it more cost efficient.

  1. Easy Collaboration:

Now we all know that Microsoft Office is working hard towards it, collaboration is one feature where Google Spreadsheets rule. While MS Excel required everyone to work separately and then send copies individually via email, Google Spreadsheets allow you to share a single spreadsheet among the whole group or to specific people as per the need. Features like real time commenting, simultaneous editing, etc provides easy collaboration with people even if they are miles apart from you.

  1. Easy Portability:

Now, you definitely can save your excel spreadsheets to Dropbox or Skydrive, nobody can beat Google Spreadsheets for cloud storage. Google Spreadsheets are automatically saved on cloud and get attached to your Google account. Thus these spreadsheets can be accessed from anywhere just by signing in to your Google account and you no longer need to worry about the version of MS Excel while switching between different operating systems.

  1. Google plus web integration:

Do you want to use the power of Google in your sheet? Google Spreadsheets comes to your rescue. There are various things you can do with Google spreadsheets like importing entire RSS feed into it. Moreover, you can create a map with Google Sheets. Using functions like GOOGLEFINANC() you can pull in security information on Google Finance. While the function GOOGLETRANSLATE() translates the cell content.

  1. Revision History:

While in MS Excel you have to create bunch of different copies to a single sheet in order to build the version history, Google Spreadsheets saves you from the proble. With the in-built feature of Google Spreadsheets, File>Revision History, you can check the complete history of all the modifications made in the sheet. Amazing, isn’t it?

Lastly, if you are dealing with a huge amount of data, MS Excel still rules, but if you have modest spreadsheet requirement, Google Spreadsheets is worth trying.

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