Find Out Why Being a Member of ICSC Makes a Difference

Find Out Why Being a Member of ICSC Makes a Difference

Part of the world of property management is dealing with associations. They come out of the woodwork and want space and time in your professional life even if you don’t want to deal with them at all. And if that is the case, actually you need help. Some associations are no trouble – you say one thing and they’re good. But others want ongoing information and updates and they want to update you – this is time spent with them that you might not have intended to spend. If you are an entrepreneur, you have many more things to spend your time on.

Having a property management company come in and work with you is probably one of the best ideas you could ever have. With teams of people who specialize in the various segments of the commercial real estate business, a company like Retail Solutions Advisors under the leadership of Todd Maxwell can give your own business a shot in the arm and free you up to do the things you really shine at. Usually, this means that you are much more involved buying and selling property – increasing the bottom line.

One of the things your property management company can do for you is take the interaction with associations off your plate. A good example is the ICSC – the International Council of Shopping Centers – who wants to interact with you regarding the shopping center property you own and that you now have Retail Solutions Advisors managing. Getting the correspondence and responding on your behalf is just one of the services that they can provide a weary commercial property owner.

So instead of dealing with this correspondence when you have a free moment – which are few and far between – you can let Retail Solutions Advisors deal with it. They can make responses on your behalf that will have the associations smiling with response and you smiling because you didn’t have to provide it. Retail Solutions Advisors then updates you on what is going on so you can be in the loop without having to do anything further.

You will be congratulating yourself on your brilliance in retaining Retail Solutions Advisors to manage the day to day business of your properties. The good idea will go on to provide further benefits when it comes to building maintenance, upgrades, dealing with contractors and/or architects, marketing to get new and better tenants in the doors and bringing more clientele into the area to shop, and the list just goes on and on.

Regardless of what you need to get done with your properties, and the ICSC will be one of those things if you own a shopping center, you need to let Retail Solutions Advisors deal with the property management and let you do what you do best. As you are out there finding the properties to buy and selling those that need to be moved, increasing your return on investment, Retail Solutions Advisors will be taking care of the properties you have on the books – it’s a win-win.

Retail Solutions Advisors is a member of the ICSC. Visit today to discover why this makes a huge difference in the commercial real estate space.

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