Discovering Merredin in Western Australia

Discovering Merredin in Western Australia

Merredin sits about 260 kilometers east of Perth, the capital of Western Australia. The region of Merredin includes a dozen cities. This area is rich in agriculture and serves as the Wheatbelt’s commercial and retail center. If you’re taking your campervan hire on the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail, for example, you’ll journey through Merredin. This trail takes you from Perth through Kalgoorlie, allowing you to take in everything that Merredin has to offer along the way. Whether you’re a history buff who wants to learn more about Western Australian culture or a nature lover who wants to explore the region, you’ll find something to do in Merredin. Use this handy guide to learn more about the region before you hit the open road.

Learn About Local History

One way to explore Merredin and its culture is to learn the city’s rich history. Take your campervan hire to check out a few of the area’s museums to brush up on your Western Australia history and culture. The Merredin Railway Museum is home to a locomotive dating back to 1877 that hauled the Kalgoorlie Express. Visit the Pioneer Woman’s Room and Memorial Rose Garden to learn even more about Merredin’s past.

At the Merredin Military Museum, you can get an up-close look at a variety of artifacts from wars from World War I and beyond. This volunteer-run museum boasts an impressive collection of military uniforms, equipment, and even vehicles. An Iroquois UH-1 helicopter is on display, one of only two on display in the world. When you check out these Merredin museums, you get a glimpse into the area’s history before you continue your exploration of the area.

Check Out Collgar Wind Farm

Merredin is home to the Collgar Wind Farm, a $750-million renewable energy project. Local farmers have leased their land to this project, which has become the largest single-stage wind farm in the southern hemisphere. The farm’s 111 turbines work together to provide enough energy to power a small town of 120,000 to 170,000 homes. Even more, this wind farm displaces 480,000 to 660,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year.

Visiting this vast wind farm is an unforgettable experience and a must-visit when you’re traveling through Merredin. Driving on roads adjacent to the towering turbines allows you to appreciate the scope of this green initiative, which has resulted in many benefits for Australia’s Wheatbelt.

Take in Nature at Merredin’s Parks

Merredin features plenty of parks that are worth exploring during your visit. Check out what different parks in the region have to offer to find one just right for you. Roy Little Park features wide open spaces perfect for a picnic lunch. Set up your blanket by the Reflection Pond Memorial, which honors Vietnam veterans. Centrally located Apex Park offers a little something for everyone. It features a playground, barbecue grill, and skatepark. Picnic tables and shelters offer a spot to sit and enjoy your meal. Two other small parks are worth visiting. These include Lenihan Park and Lower French Park, which features towering trees for shade and playground equipment for youngsters. Merredin’s parks are perfect for curling up with a good book in the sunshine, having a picnic lunch with your travel mates, or simply relaxing and taking in some fresh air.

Go On the Merredin Heritage Walk

Another great way to learn about Merredin’s history and culture is by taking the Merredin Heritage Walk. This 2-kilometer walk allows you to explore some of the area’s most historic buildings. Start your journey at the Central Wheatbelt Visitor Centre, where you can pick up your trail map and get started. You’ll work your way through the heart of Merredin, where you will be able to see the city’s Cummins Theatre, Merredin Courthouse, and the Town Hall. The material you pick up at the Visitor Centre will offer plenty of background on each building, allowing you to learn its rich history while viewing the unique architecture and design. History buffs will love this exploration of Merredin on foot. You can also enjoy this tour on bike.

Get Artsy at the Merredin Silos

Explore local art in a new way by visiting the Merredin silos. These four, 35-meter silos have become a blank canvas for local artists to showcase their work. Adventurous artists have climbed these stories-high silos to paint colorful and creative masterpieces that speak to their artistic style. As a result, the Merredin Silos have been transformed from a utilitarian feature of life in this farmland to one that attracts both locals and tourists. So, make sure the Merredin Silos are on your to-see list, and snap a selfie with the creation while you’re there.

If your campervan hire takes you from Perth through Western Australia’s Wheatbelt, make sure you check out some of these popular spots in and around Merredin. Whether you’re learning about the region’s history and culture or taking in its beauty, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Merredin.

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