Different Types of Sewing Machines and Their Uses

Different Types of Sewing Machines and Their Uses

Sewing machine is the one of the most essential items of utility at home. Sewing is a skill, which has passed down from generation to generation and with the help of modern sewing machine, mastering the skill has become very easy, convenient and fast.

Just like other items, sewing machine is also available in different types and can be used differently. If a broader classification is made, sewing machines can be classified in two categories:

  1. Industrial Sewing Machines – Industrial Sewing Machines are those that are used in the industries for commercial use only. Most of the Industrial sewing machine india are used in factories. They are designed in such a way that, they can be used to carry out all the professional tasks for a long term. All the components used to build this sewing machine are durable. Cast iron aluminium is often used to build the parts of these kind of sewing machines.  Different types of industry sewing machines based on the design and the needle post are:
  1. Flat Bed- Both the design along with the construction of the Flat bed sewing machine is similar to the traditional sewing machines. Needle and the arm is extend to a flat base and the machine is mainly used for sewing fabric pieces that are flat.
  2. Cylinder Bed- They are just the opposite of the flat bed type of sewing machine and have a horizontal and narrow column The fabric passes around this column, which usually has a diameter from 5- 16 cm and are used to sew cylindrical fabric like shoes, saddles, and cuffs.
  3. Post Bed- The Post bed machines have a vertical column above the flat base. The height of this column is usually 10 – 45 cm. Vertical column also has bobbins and loopers. These machines are used for making gloves and boots.
  4. Of The Arm- This type of the machine is very uncommon. Fabric is fed along the horizontal column and is used for stitching the shoulders and sleeves.
  1. The Domestic Sewing Machine – Domestic sewing machines are used for household purpose. This machine is able to sew different types of fabric. They are designed for people who work on the sewing machines relatively slower. The gears of these machines are made from nylon or plastic. Different types of domestic sewing machines are:
  1. Manual Sewing Machine- These machines are the most basic version and do not require an electrical source to operate. Though they have less features, but they are most frequently used because they are durable.
  2. Electronic Sewing Machine- This machine is equipped with a single motor that gives power to the needle and a dial which decides the length and type of the stitch. A large variety of stitches can be performed on different fabrics if you use this machine. Electric sewing machine price in india are very affordable and it is one of the major reasons why this has become quite popular in daily household.
  3. Computerized Sewing machine- These machines are more advanced. User can display a pattern to be stitched on the computer and then link it to the machine. They are much faster and can easily sew all types of material but they are much more expensive than others.
  4. Overlocker Machine- If you have to perform operating like seaming, hemming and edging, then you must use the overlocker machine. It is also used for stitching decorative patterns using multiple threads.

Knowledge of different types of sewing machines and their uses will help you to make a better choice when you wish to buy a sewing machine.


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