Dietary Pills as an option for body building

Dietary Pills as an option for body building

In ancient days, people were doing all home based activities on their own without taking help from machines , thus they were having sufficient physical fitness. Now, with the introduction of electronic household equipments almost all the activities have been simplified in least possible time which has been adopted by most of the people.

Dietary pills also known as anti obesity drugs are prescribed to someone as an additional measure to reduce weight.

Also people are chasing the body building clinics and spending hefty amount for reducing obesity. As a part of weight reduction options, consuming dietary pills is increasing day by day. Dietary Pills are part of diet supplements. Along with dietary pills, diet supplements come in other forms like powders and liquids etc. Dietary pills come in various combinations of chemical compositions. Most of the manufacturers of these dietary pills test these pills on animals or in their laboratories rather than on a sample of individuals. As mentioned earlier, these pills are mostly a combination of more than one chemical component. Manufacturers of these pills claim that these pills will help in reducing appetite, reducing absorption of fat, increasing metabolism and increasing fat burn. Green Tea extract, Hydroxycut , Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Forskolin and Glucomannan  to name a few dietary pills.

There are many effective alternatives that one can look at in order to lose weight, build body and lean mass like Clenbuterol, winstrol and more. Some of these medicines suppress the appetite, some medicines contain controlled substances to reduce weight, where as some medicines helpful to increase metabolism.

However the body supplements do not work in a similar way for one and all. It is based on degree of responsiveness of an individual to a particular drug (s)/pill(s). Body building pills usually prescribed for those persons with BMI (Body Mass Index) is more than 30.

Do’s and Don’ts:

The dietary pills should be used along with exercise and proper diet. Body building pills may be effective when they are taken at least for a 12- month period. One can witness the change in the weight reduction by 5-10% over the period. For a patient whose weight is 200 pounds, after started using dietary pills, if he reduces a weight of 10-20 pounds in a year. So many precautionary measures should be taken when one is opting for such dietary pills. Special conditions like in case of pregnancy, one should strictly avoid dietary pills as it may cause severe harm to fetal. Some of the manufactures of these pills/drugs do not give proper instructions on what are the minimum requirements to be met before consuming them. One should also be aware of side effects of the dietary pills to avoid unwanted health complications.

Utmost care is required while choosing body building pills because right selection at right time will give right results.

Obese and overweight people often being distrusted and discouraged about their physical appearance. Owing to health problems, hereditary, lack of knowledge, lack of physical activities, post maternal delivery in women; reason could be anything, people are becoming overweight or obese in a multi folded manner.

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