Clenbuterol side effects – long & short terms

Clenbuterol side effects – long & short terms

Weight loss is a major problem around the globe for which many supplements have been introduced till today in the market. But, we are not sure about the best and the worst. We gain either benefits or loses only after using the product. So, you need not take risks with your health. Clenbuterol has been a powerful weight loss supplement which is usually prescribed by the doctor for obese people. It is a prescription-only drug and it has its prescribed dosages and cycles. Its effective thermogenic and anti-catabolic effects help immensely to reduce the weight, especially in women. But, Clenbuterol was discovered to treat chronic asthma, respiratory disease as a bronchodilator. As it has been found of making the bronchioles wide, improving better oxygenation, providing muscle strength and endurance, bodybuilders and athletes started to use the supplement for weight loss, cutting and dieting cycle.

Work scenario:

Clenbuterol increases the blood flow and metabolic rate which in turn burns off the deposited fats. It is mostly welcomed by the athletes as it dissolves the fat around the muscles by working on hormones like adrenaline, dopamine, and noradrenaline. For such reasons, you must feel out the importance of seeking advice from the doctor about the drug and dose. As for how clen helps as a performance enhancer, in the same way, clen side effects are being produced.

Clen Short term side effects:

The short term side effects in humans are majorly caused by the overdoses and they are Dry mouth, Nausea, Vomiting, Tremors especially in hands, Perspiration, Restlessness, Dyspnea, headache, Insomnia, Increased heart rate, palpitation, increased blood pressure and muscle cramps.

It is to be noted that clen short term side effects will disappear gradually soon after discontinuing the medicine and the drug is expelled from the body. You can reduce the side effects by drinking plenty of water with the recommended dose. Muscle cramps are fairly common side effects with Clenbuterol. It happens due to the Amino acid Taurine depletion in the liver with the deficient electrolytes say potassium, sodium and inadequate hydration. In this case, Taurine supplement stabilizes cell membranes and shields nerves from the over-excited state. Thus, Taurine intake alleviates muscle cramps. Since Clen is not an anabolic androgenic drug, it might not have heavy potential and induce short term effects on the liver.

Clenbuterol Long term side effects:

It is a general phenomenon that intake of any medicine for a long term purpose induces various and serious long term side effects.  Some may be reversible and some may not. Such Clenbuterol long term side effects are decreased bone density, tachycardia, Thyrotoxicosis, heart degeneration, stroke, vertigo, cardiac muscle hypertrophy and sub aortic stenosis. A lot of research study on the animals shows that long term usage of clen for years together causes cardiac muscle hypertrophy. Why it happens is the drug increases collagen production which in turn decreases the pumping effect of the heart. Even so, short term effects on the liver of Clenbuterol are not yet experienced by the users. However, this side effect depends on the factors such as health condition, age, medical history etc.


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