Choose a Multifunctional Nut Picker Upper and Enjoy Tasty Nuts from Your Garden

Choose a Multifunctional Nut Picker Upper and Enjoy Tasty Nuts from Your Garden

Multifunctional nut gatherers every gardener should know about

Without any doubts, nuts and pecans are a perfect additive to any diet, due to their superior nutrition value. These fruits are a splendid source of several vitamins, especially the vitamins E and B6, and different microelements, including iron, magnesium, zinc and copper. But all this is nothing compared to how amazingly they taste!

However, growing nuts in your garden may be tricky. Surely, these trees are easy to keep, but harvesting the nuts requires a surprising amount of time. This work is easy but devastatingly monotonous. You find a nut, pick it up and put it in the cart – sounds great unless you do not have to repeat it a hundred times.

After such an exercise, even digging may seem an entertainment. That is why, if you wish to skip the hardest part and head straight to the kitchen, you need to use a more elegant way of dealing with this problem.

A standard nut picker is exactly what every gardener dreams of – an elegant and easy-to-use gardening tool with a straightforward design and great multifunctionality. Using this tool has nothing in common with grabbing nuts with your bare hands – no more pain in the back! And no more pin pricks too – all you have to do is to roll it over the ground and empty the wire cage full of nuts!

This instrument consists of two main elements: the cage made of tangled fibres, which form a sort of sieve, and a long handle. Moreover, this tool is made of high-hardness steel and plastic, which grants it the ability to be undestroyable and light weighted.

Therefore, you must not worry about gathering a huge pile of nuts – this job will be done super-fast!

The benefits of using a nut picker upper

Naturally, the very best feature of a nut gatherer is the swiftness of its use – it significantly minimises time and efforts necessary to gather all the nuts after a generous season. Using a nut gatherer is so easy that it cannot be considered a work; it is rather a joyful walk in the garden.

In truth, using a nut gatherer is also more effective than working with your bare hands – you inevitably miss a solid percent of nuts, which will soon begin to rot and clutter up the soil. With nut gatherers there is no such nuisance – you can gather all the nuts in a few turns!

Furthermore, a nut gatherer also allows you to separate long awaited nuts from leaves and twigs – those small objects just do not stay down in the cage.

There exist a great variety of nut picker uppers of all shapes and sizes. Make sure you know what your instrument is meant for; although, the nut collector tool of the medium size is the most popular of all.

Nuts and small fruits, pecans and pine nuts, even children’s toys and tennis balls – this tool is capable of picking them all, causing you no troubles and allowing you to keep your garden clean as a new pin!

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