Chinese Traditional Medicine Influences in the West

Chinese Traditional Medicine Influences in the West

Chinese people, in the United States, in general, are not utilizing the American healthcare system for their health. One issue is the language barrier. They are unable to fully communicate their sickness to the doctors. The second issue is they rather use traditional Chinese medicine for their ailments. They opt this kind of treatment since it has been passed on to them in tradition. In census generation, results show that Asian-Americans don’t get sick often since there is a lesser record of them claiming on insurance. The reality is Chinese people have the most illnesses prevalent among Asian communities such as UTI, tuberculosis, and hepatitis.

However, if you look at the picture, the other way around, you would notice that all the western countries have adapted the Chinese medicine and practices slowly. There are all the things the Asian countries have brought to the United States. The US has been involved not only in healthcare but also in many aspects of China like politics corresponding backing up activists in having a law against dog meat trades and historical issues such as the Nanking Massacre. Western medicine has been influenced by Chinese in terms of their treatment to patients. Here are some of the more popular Chinese medicine treatments are Acupuncture, Cupping and Gua Sha.

Acupuncture in some countries is already being practiced by licensed doctors. It involves skin penetration through needles and ancient herbs. Although it is not explained by science, and the treatment is explained to you by providing positive energy called Chi to your body. This helps heal areas where you feel pain and healing your body organs by correcting the imbalances in your body. It revolves around the concept of yin and yang. Physicians or therapists identify the positive and negative poles in your body and aims to balance and stabilize by stimulating the appropriate meridian by puncturing specific point in the body related to the symptoms of your sickness.  It is said to be the method to create a smooth flow of vital energy in the body.

Cupping, on the other hand, is used for reducing pain. Although not as widely known compared to acupuncture, you can avail of this services in Chinese medicine clinics and centers. Cupping uses an ancient method of treatment wherein a cup is heated and applied to the skin to reduce swelling. The cups are made from different materials such as bamboo, glass, plastic, and rubber. Aside from Chinese medicine, Arabian and Indian Culture has also been using this treatment for their health care. The belief in the method of cupping is that it increases blood circulation and bring the proper supply of oxygen to cells. Tradition says that pain is brought about the lack of oxygen in cells.

Many westerners have turn to alternative medicines instead of taking pills that may cause more damage to other parts of the bodies. A simple cough and colds can be cured by proper hydration and alternative medicine. You don’t always have to resort to chemical and formula pills; also, keeping away from them protects your liver. Another method to improve blood circulation in the body is Gua Sha. It removes blood stagnation and improves your circulatory and digestive system altogether. It can cure digestive problems and infectious illness. Some people say that it is not safe because of the appearance of your body after treatment, but it is the other way around. Although there maybe red marks in your body, doesn’t mean that it is painful, it just may be the result of the pressure of your skin and the reaction using soft edged tool for the procedure.

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