Bring your staff closer with musical team building days

Bring your staff closer with musical team building days

Team bonding is vital in any organisation to make sure everyone is happy and working together to their full potential. You can make a huge difference to your staff by organising team building activities. Dedicating a day to team building is fun and shows your staff you value them and care about how they feel. Furthermore, you can learn more about your team and they can learn about themselves as they develop new skills.

Music brings people together

A top choice for team building events is musical activities. People may vary in the amount of musical ability they have, but few people could claim that they don’t like music at all. Music is something that bonds us as humans across the world, so is the ideal area to focus on when making your team stronger.

Music was actually a large factor in our evolution as a species, and human society is still held together by music. Music has been proven by scientists to bring people together due to the bonding hormone it can release. Singing together in particular has profound effects on how close we feel to one another. It goes without saying that Team building days where people make music together are hugely beneficial for your company.

Get people working together harmoniously

Getting people to put their minds to a musical activity is a brilliant way to get them working together effectively. Musical activities encourage people to find a unified outcome. There are plenty of activities to choose from, whether it’s turning your workforce into a samba band for an afternoon, or getting them jamming together making funky Boom Time beats.

If you want a truly extraordinary team building activity then Orchestrate is a brilliant idea. You can change your staff’s lives by getting your employees playing instruments together as an orchestra, something which your staff may never have imagined themselves doing. Your delegates will feel united for all trying something new together and making amazing music as a symphony orchestra.

Get your staff exceeding their expectations of themselves

Often our limits are only the boundaries we’ve decided for ourselves. You can show your staff just what they can achieve when they put their mind to it with musical team building activities. Your staff may never have thought they could play in an orchestra or beat box, but within the space of a few hours you can show them the opposite is true.

If you have a large group and want to get everyone on the same wavelength, then a harmonica jam session is perfect. You can get everyone playing the blues with this incredibly simple but fun exercise. Group sessions are perfect for staff who are shy to get them trying something new.

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