Brain supplements are such compounds which are excellent for improving cognitive functioning and improving memory power. Ashwagandha and bacopa are known to increase acetylcholine levels in brain thereby increasing neurons transmission in brain. This helps in increase in transfer of knowledge, improves learning speed, helps in better retention of memory and assists in quick recall of information when required. Another advantage of natural brain boosters is that it prevents forgetfulness and memory loss in a person due to old age.

Ageing brings the disability to remember information for long. But these brain boosters assist them in improving alertness and memory retention and ability to remember information quickly. These brain boosters are related to the formation of memory and increase concentration in a person, improve focus on their studies or work thereby producing better performances. It helps them to remain awake and alert for longer periods of time. They also reduce stress levels in a person and make him feel relaxed and at peace of mind.

  • RHODIOLA ROSEA – this plant originates in the regions of arctic area and mountains of Europe and is also known as the golden root. This plant supplement gives a person mental energy and is also a stimulant for central nervous system to increase its productivity. When this supplement is taken in larger doses, it acts as a sedative and helps one to feel relaxed and at peace.
  • VINPOCETINE – vinpocetine is extracted from the plant Vincamine and hence is also referred as a semi natural brain booster. This supplements works as a cerebral vasodilator which means it imparts an increase in blood flow to certain areas of brain. Vinpocetine increases your mental energy pr providing brain cells with increased oxygen and glucose also works towards increase in alertness and cognitive functioning of brain. It also assists in maintenance of brain cells and helps to remove unwanted toxins from the neurons in the brain.  These supplements are mainly used to increase mental energy and slow down decline in cognitive functioning and also curbs anti ageing effects on brains.
  • Schisandra Chinensis – schisandra is a berry which is consumed to increase performance both physically and mentally in a person and to increase their alertness levels . This supplement is known to increase concentration in a person and helps him focus more clearly. It also prevents liver damage from alcohol.

Brain boosting supplements are available in different varieties but the most popular and safe variety includes natural brain boosters. In fact the best selling brain booster supplement – Alpha Brain is composed of a natural formula.  Rhodiola rosea is also known to cause lethargy and sleep disturbances in a person when there is a change in the consumption levels.

Therefore it should be kept in mind that though these supplements are made for the benefit of mankind, but one has to stick to the mentioned dosages for good results. Also since these are natural sources and not synthetic ones they can be consumed for long durations within the required dosages. For safety purpose these supplements should be avoided by pregnant and lactating women and people suffering from cerebral and cardiovascular diseases.

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