Basic Principles of SEO that you are required to Know

Basic Principles of SEO that you are required to Know

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Over the past couple of years, what used to be merely an online marketing technique has now evolved into a science that business owners and webmasters must be knowledgeable about in order to keep doing business. Therefore, let us break down the various components of SEO and understand every one individually.

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The Basics

Search engine optimization would simply mean optimizing websites and web pages in order to rank higher on search engines. Therefore, it would be easier for people to find them. In case, you are into the business of dog training, your website selling the service would require to appear on top of search engines when customers search for dog trainers in a particular area by entering suitable phrases. These suitable terms are called keywords in SEO terms.

Therefore, it all comes down to ranking as high as possible on the search engine results page for specific keywords that would be describing your business. High-ranking would simply mean better business.

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How to Rank High On Popular Search Engines?

Despite there being a plethora of search engines out there, Google leads the pack. Websites that have been optimized to rank high on Google would rank high on other search engines too.

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Quality of content

This is one of the most imperative ranking factors. The content on your website requires being very informative, absolutely original and genuine so your end customers find it useful. Therefore, if you are planning to rank high, you should start with creating quality content.

Quality of content

On Page Optimization

After the content has been created, you require making sure that the written content encompasses both primary and secondary keywords. As a result, it would become easier for the search engine programs known as algorithms to find your web pages for ranking. What exactly have been primary and secondary keywords? Let us go back to the earlier example of dog training. It would be your primary keyword and related keywords such as ‘how to train a dog fast and ‘how to train a specific breed of dog and more would be your secondary keywords. There are actually different free and paid tools made available for researching primary and secondary keywords related to specific niches.

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Social networking

This was not very important earlier, but now it has become an integral part of SEO services. In case, your content is likable, people have been going to discuss about it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest etc. To look reliable, you are required to stop involving more people and build up a fan base.

Social networking

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