An Office Away from Home!

An Office Away from Home!

A garden home office is a free standing building, in most cases built in the backyard or garden of a single family home, and as the name implies, intended for use as an office. Designs for this kind of structure are usually square or rectangular in shape, which can be expanded for those homeowners with large enough garden space.

The construction specifications in the UK are usually similar to those of good quality garden sheds, gazebos, playhouses or cabins, so that the space is totally weatherproof and can keep a comfortable internal temperature. These garden home offices are, usually installed by construction professional’s (or the homeowner themselves if they have the necessary skills) on site in the garden or yard area.

Foundation, walls and uses

The most popular foundation of the garden home office is in most cases poured concrete over where a steel rebar frame is placed. The walls can be fitted with full electrical wiring and insulated to counter changing outdoor weather conditions. Both the flooring and walls usually include a type of vapour barrier, designed to keep moisture from entering the space and growing mould and other spores. If you’re looking for top grade log cabins, research companies online for the best prices.

A garden home office can house a computer, all in one printer/scanner and fax machine, and important filed documents, just like a normal office and yet only a stone’s throw from your very own back door. Some people use a bedroom as an office in their home, but that space can be utilised for other things and having an office literally away from home, but so near gives it that much extra appeal.

Dimensions, windows and doors

The dimensions of the office are generally small and define a standard box or rectangle in shape. Most garden home office designs will have a plenty of windows and sometimes a glass entrance door that allows plenty of light into the space which counters the homeowners from feeling somewhat too enclosed inside their office. The windows and doors are double glazed and energy efficient, to prevent any extreme changes in interior temperatures based on the outside weather conditions.

Additional features can be easily added to the garden home office, should space persist. The standard shape of a garden home office can be altered to include a small bathroom with a shower and facilities. A heating and/or air conditioning unit can also be added to keep the interior climate of the office just as you like it throughout the year. Outside decking or porches can also be added to the front and sides of the building should you wish, for easy entertaining, or a secondary relaxing environment in which to carry out business. To add visual aesthetic enhancement, exterior siding can be fitted from natural wood or stone to create a wonderful organic feel which will complement the atmosphere of the garden.

You can see why such buildings are becoming so popular!

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