9 Must-Know Tips Before You Buy a New TV

9 Must-Know Tips Before You Buy a New TV

Planning to buy a new LED TV online? Then give these must-know tips a look, which would help you to choose.

  1. Size and panel

A quick-fix rule to decide upon the size of the TV is to measure the distance from TV to your eyes and divide it by 1.6. It gives the optimum diagonal length of TV. In India, dust is a big factor to consider, therefore, go for either the IPS panels or the glass-coated VA ones.

  1. LED-LCD-Plasma

For anything below Rs 1.5 lakh, there is not going to be a very large difference between a LED, LCD or a Plasma TV, since there is a lot more to the display technology than that, which determines how good the pictures will look.

  1. HD Vs Full-HD

At anything below 46 inches, you can’t tell the difference between an HD TV and a Full-HD TV. Therefore, an HD TV (aka HD-ready) is a better and cheaper option. That said, if there is a choice between an HD and a Full HD, opt for the latter.

  1. Smart TV, Connectivity

HDMI port is the thing to look out for since they connect all your devices to the television. Look for a three port one but don’t go for anything with less than two ports. In the coming five years, we can expect to see a lot of internet streaming services, as well as some social network integration. Therefore, if it’s a long-term purchase you need to go for it.

  1. Media Playback

Just having a USB port does not ensure that it will play every movie file since different models will support different formats. In case you plan to use your portable hard drive with the TV, make sure that the model supports the size of your disk by going to the showroom with your hard drive and test it on the TV before buying it.

  1. Passive or Active 3D

They are practical for casual viewing, and the 3D glasses are cheap. Also, most of the 3D stuff like live sports is made for them. Another advantage of these glasses is that they are light and don’t need to be recharged. Active 3D TVs are suited for film fanatics having a collection of the latest 3D Blu-ray discs. But glasses are costlier and needs to be constantly recharged.

  1. Warranty

The extended warranty may be availed from the manufacturer, but the price will vary depending on the store. It makes sense to get this extended warranty as it’s a small premium for a lot of extra protection.

  1. Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio is the ratio of television’s height to its width. If you are a film fanatic, you should be looking towards its wider aspect ratios, so as not to leave a large portion of the screen functioning as a blank screen.

  1. Color depth

When shopping for a bargain-priced TV, make sure that it has a bit depth of 8 bits per channel or more. It will ensure that the TV will create enough colors to satisfy the human eye and present the photo-realistic images.

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