5 Tips for Choosing the Right Nail Polish Colour

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Nail Polish Colour

There are many women who choose a nail polish colour based on what is popular at the time. However, what is popular, may not be what looks best on you. For those fashionistas who want to always look their best, then choosing the right nail polish colour from the makeup box is just as vital as what type of makeup you choose to compliment your look.

Tip #1: Consider your Skin Tone

Considering your skin tone is something that most people do not think about when it comes to the nail polish colour they wear. Skin tone is often something that they only think of when it comes to foundation. However, your skin tone is going to determine how great a nail polish looks. Here are a few tips:

  • Fair skin tones look great with dark nail polish colours
  • Medium skin tone look amazing with red shades, especially those that are darker
  • Dark skin tones are going to find that they can rock just about any nail polish they want

Consider your Skin Tone

Tip #2 What is the occasion?

There are times in which certain nail polish colours are not going to work, while others are considered more appropriate. For example, a sombre event will call for darker coloured nail polish rather than wearing florescent neon colours. Keep in mind what the event is and what type of image you are wanting to convey.

Tip #3 The Time of Year

The time of year is going to affect what colours will be appropriate to wear as well. The time of year can help you choose a colour based on what the weather is like. For example:

  • Spring is great for pastel coloured nail polishes
  • Summer is when bright, neon nail polish tends to be trending
  • Winter is for darker, sombre colours
  • Autumn is great for reds, bronzes and gold nail polishes

pastel coloured nail polishes

Tip #4 Consider the Shape of your Nail

Most people have rounded nails naturally. However, for those who utilise artificial nails, they may have a slight square shape to their nails. When this is the case, certain colours can make your nails look shorter which in turn makes your hand look stubby or bigger than what it really is. For those who are sporting square nails, they are going to want to avoid nail polish colours that are super light. For those with rounded nails that may be short in length, darker colours will make these nails look even shorter and give the impression of the hand being stubby.

Shape of your Nail

Tip #5 Always Choose what makes you feel Comfortable

This tip cannot be emphasised enough! Though there may be other rules out there that point to what colours you should be using and the like, you have to go with what you are comfortable with wearing. If you are uncomfortable with what you have on your nails, this is going to show in everything you do. Therefore, choose a colour that you want and are going to be able to wear with confidence!

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