5 Things That Buyers Forget to Check before Buying an Apartment

5 Things That Buyers Forget to Check before Buying an Apartment

After investing time and money for renting out an apartment, we all realise that we should stop spending money on rent. We rather find buying an apartment to be lucrative. Buying an own apartment is a dream for many and it is one of the most significant financial decisions.

Investing in a property is not at all a joke. It is a serious matter and every person investing in apartment purchase should think properly before making the final decision. If you are planning to settle in the southern part of India then nothing can be better than Marina One apartments in Cochin.

Here is the list of top five things that buyers forget to check before buying an apartment:

  • Which Direction Does the Apartment Face?

It is very essential to check the position of the house in terms of direction. If you are visiting the place during night or on a cloudy day, it is difficult to find out whether it is a north or south facing flat, but the job becomes easy during the day time. A home should be full of warmth and light as such flats carry positive energy. Make sure to take a compass when you are planning to see a new apartment. These days, compass apps are available on your smartphones too. The builder should also take into account the direction that the flat faces while constructing. For instance, Marina One apartments Kochi are designed keeping all such needs in mind.

  • Modern Bathroom:

After shifting to a new apartment, many people discover that their bathroom is not fully equipped with the latest sanitary system. After a stressful day, everybody wants a cool shower at home with spa facilities. It should bring a peace of mind at home after shower. It should be spacious enough so that one can easily stretch under the shower for some time.

So, never forget to check the bathrooms if you are planning to buy a new apartment. Attached bathrooms as well as common bathroom facility should be there for sure. Even the minute details are considered by builders like Marina One. Buy flats in Cochin with all these facilities equipped for your family.

  • Parking:

By seeing the apartment, people get so excited that they forget about the parking space. Keep in mind that modern projects have come up with the idea of number of bedrooms equals to number of car parking spaces. Parking space is very much essential, but people sometimes neglect it. It is better to cross verify with the builder regarding the guest parking space before finalizing your apartment.

  • Location:

Most of the people think that location is not a mandatory criterion. According to them, if mode of communication is good, then everything will fall in place. Here communication means your own personal vehicles like car, bike, scooter etc. But you never know when they might break down.

Thus, location is one of the most important points to be kept in mind before investing money in an apartment. Choose the best area available, which will be at short distance from school, college, hospital, police station and other required places.

  • Check the Power Points:

Always check if there are enough power points. Dodgy electric wiring is very dangerous and rewiring your apartment will dig a big hole in your pocket. Check for the fuse board to know whether they are old or newly done.

Often people neglect or feel uneasy to touch these stuffs and finally end up wasting a lot of money in the form of maintenance cost.


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