5 must have cakes for your lavish party

5 must have cakes for your lavish party

Cake is a wonderful thing to cherish and relish. The magical combination of refined flour, sugar, flavors, nuts, dry fruits, milk, butter, eggs, and whipped cream gives an unforgettable taste. For the extremely great taste, this is the loveliest thing to gift the near and dear ones on any special occasions. Not only as a gifting option, cake is also the best thing to glitter up any party. To send ripples of thrill, excitement, and happiness among guests and relatives who have come to enjoy your party, you must have the following cakes in the list.

Flourless Orange Cake:

This amazing cake is also known as orange almond cake. The tantalizing taste of tangy as well as sweetness of orange are maintained in this cake and that flavor is complemented with presence of rich almonds. The result is a light, fluffy, and moist cake that just melts in your mouth. Instead of flour, only the egg whites are beaten until you get a rich creamy and spongy texture which forms the base of the cake. Your guests and friend would appreciate your choice for sure. And you can get this cake delivery in Abu Dhabi also using any e-gift shop.


There’s a story behind the formation of this alluring cake. It was Franz Sacher who invented this cake in 1832. He was appointed as the trainee chef in the court of Prince Metternich and the main chef fell ill before the dinner preparation. So now Mr. Franz Sacher gets the opportunity of creating something yummy for the guests. People say that the recipe was kept secret for a long time. All we know is that a chocolate cake is coated well with apricot jam and chocolate icing which gives a tantalizing feeling in your brain.


 Spice Cake:

This cake is named such due to the amazing mixture of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, pepper, and mace in a cream cheese icing. In USA, people have this cake dipped in maple syrup. It offers a nice alternative to the chocolate cakes as these spices are easily available in home that gives a lovely tatse and it is also a light cake.


 Babka Cake:
The very spongy cake took its birth in East of Europe and now it is famous all over the world for the amazing taste. The cinnamon swirls give a definite taste to this cake type. For occasions like Christmas and Easters, this cake is a must have in your place. Vanilla, nuts, or candies fruits are generally used as icings for this cake. And some people also add a zest of rum over it to get that dynamism in taste.


This French word originally means blown up. Just like the French people and culture, this cake also looks silent, serene, and calm with a dash of sophistication. This cake is simply a mixture of egg yolks and egg albumen. Things like chocolate, vanilla, passion fruit, banana, lemon, or jams can be added over this cake to get a vivacious look.


Select from the above and get the cake delivery in Abu Dhabi for an unforgettable experience.

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