5 Golden Rules of Buying Second Hand Furniture

5 Golden Rules of Buying Second Hand Furniture

Furniture is a necessity when it comes to establishing your own household. It can be a great overhead as buying furniture is quite expensive. An alternative to this problem is buying second-hand furniture. This way, you get all the furniture that you need at very less cost. But you must make sure that you buy the furniture from a reliable source so that it is credible.

You may find used furniture for sale quite easily, but before you make a purchase, here are five golden rules that you must follow:

  1. Buy Metallic Furniture- Metallic furniture is more durable than wooden furniture. This type of furniture is less prone to wear and tear and damage and remains in a good condition for a longer duration of time.
  2. Paint the Furniture- The simplest way to transform an old piece of furniture into a completely classy and new look is through painting. Painting will not only get back the lost colour of the furniture, but it is also going to conceal any abrasion or mark of the old furniture. You can either go for conventional colours like shades of brown or black, or you can go for bright vibrant colours like blue, yellow, red and orange. A simple dash of colour will make your furniture look quite stylish.
  3. Ditch Plastic for Wood- If you have an option between choosing some furniture in plastic and wood, then without any second thought, opt for furniture made of wood. If both these materials are compared, you will see that plastic will undergo more wear and tear than wood. It also loses its colour in a short span of time and the furniture ends up looking very dull and unpleasant. On the other hand, wooden furniture is more durable and looks more natural and authentic.
  4. Get Creative- The best part about furniture is that many things can be remodelled into something entirely new. A table can be transformed into a chair and vice versa. Therefore, at the time of buying furniture, think about some creative ways in which you can convert the old furniture into a new one. This is a lot of fun and you will be surprised with your creativity.
  5. Odour- Furniture is known to have a characteristic odour. But if you think that the used furniture you are buying has some kind of a bad odour, then do not buy it all. The furniture could have some sort of bacteria and will cause more damage than good. So, make sure that you do not buy it at all.

These are some of the golden rules that you must follow so that the second-hand furniture you buy is not a waste of money. In addition to these, remember not to buy any used mattress, beddings or pillows. They usually house millions of micro-organisms and germs and can expose you to several diseases.

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