Real Solutions for Female Hair Loss

Real Solutions for Female Hair Loss

Nowadays, hair replacement therapy has evolved into a global multi-billion pound business. With more and more people wishing to look younger every day, hair replacement has become something which many consider when they discover that their hair is starting to thin out. Hair loss is said to come from a hereditary condition known as androgenic alopecia in both males and females, although males usually suffer more than females.

Methods of Solution

As is commonly observed, more men are prone to losing hair than women, however, in the majority of cases, when either a male or a female realises that they are suffering from hair loss, they wish to do something about it, and anyone who is interested in a female hair loss clinic in Manchester, should contact them for further information. Hair replacement can be achieved through different methods:

  • Medicinal Usage

There are a variety of medications out there on the market, all which claim to assist in re-growing hair. This type of medication is actually used to thicken areas that have thinned out and even though this method comes with a lot of hype, it hasn’t been proven to be really effective.

  • Surgical Methods

This is the most extreme and costly route to go by in hair replacement. Surgical procedures are only considered for those who still have some hair growing on the sides and the back of the head. Such transplants are a way of surgically replacing lost hair by grafting small pieces of scalp from the back and sides of the head where hair is still growing and relocating them to grow hair on the bald spots.

  • Surgical Methods II

Another surgical choice for people who are thinking of a surgical process is a scalp reduction. With this method, the bald parts of the scalp are removed by sections. The surgeon will then pull the scalp together to cover up and fill in the bald area with an area of the scalp that still has healthy hair remaining on it.

  • Non-Surgical Hair integration

Wigs and hair pieces have been around and go way back to the yonder days of Ancient Egypt and Rome. Hairpieces and wigs can be easily purchased and fitted to the head and practically everybody how a wig works.

  • And a More Recent and Modern Update and Innovation

Nowadays there is a more modern and advanced style of hair replacement, which is certainly proving to be most popular and has come to be known as ‘hair enhancement.’ This new method integrates extensions and a scalp mesh to promote wonderfully natural looking hair. This also works with all lengths of remaining hair and has certainly become an original and creative method for the treatment of female hair loss.

Carefully selecting which method of hair replacement is perfect for them is of the essence. Time and money can be well spent on hair replacement solutions with amazing results. Just make sure yours is the one that works out perfectly and just the way you dreamed it would!

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